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Complimentary wellness screens for hockey players, figure skaters, weekend warriors, and other patients from ALL walks of life!

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Why get a wellness screening?

SportsCare Physical Therapy believes that everyone should have their joints, muscles, and movement patterns assessed regularly to ensure optimal physical health.

That's why we encourage our local communities to take advantage of SportsCare’s wellness screens to promote a lifetime of pain-free movement.

Whether you are aspiring for better physical health or want to evaluate a recent injury, this offering will help you establish a connection with a compassionate physical therapist in your area.

Kindly complete the form above and take advantage of our concierge scheduling service to arrange a personalized one-on-one session with one of our highly-trained, licensed therapists.

During your assessment, one of our skilled therapists will:

- Explore your musculoskeletal history and listen to your goals and aspirations.

- Perform appropriate physical testing to identify weaknesses, areas of instability, and develop a problem list to help you reduce your pain and return to your desired activity.

- Explore your options to achieve maximum results and review how ongoing physical therapy might benefit your ailments and address your deficits.